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Set up by native New Zealander Rachael and partnered by UK/German mix Caroline, NaturalSpot was born to create an inviting, calm, beautiful space where people could shop consciously for Items that are premium quality, natural, eco-friendly, sustainable, minimal waste, fair-trade and reusable. 

Travelling around the world, we have been blessed to witness some of the most beautiful ecosystems and native rituals to care for our bodies and planet, as well as the devastating environmental impact caused by humans.⁠

Founders Rachael and Caroline, like many of our friends, have families with many skin conditions, cancers, and other health conditions, and we have always been convinced it was because of the products we put on our skin and inhale. ⁠

Despite trying to shop with the best intentions, we began to feel increasingly frustrated by the products on offer. ⁠Products with many harmful, unpronounceable ingredients, and poor production ethics.


Retailers that seemed to offer natural, eco-friendly products but were compromised in certain areas; sadly the complete corporate chain was not always transparent.⁠

We are here to support you. empower you to confidently take care of yourself and your family without compromising on quality or sustainability. ⁠ offers a simple one-stop shop solution where we have done the due diligence, so you don't have to!⁠

Together we hope to build your trust in us, allowing you to feel confident about what you put on your and your family's skin and contribute to a better environment on this beautiful planet we share.⁠


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Founder & Director,

New Zealand

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